The White Horse

by David Altair

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Album cover by Douglas Mackay


released November 19, 2013

all instrumentation, song writing, vocals and production by David Altair




David Altair Scotland, UK

David Altair is Scottish ambient, electronica, psychedelic, experimental producer and multi- instrumentalist.

David works with soundscape, spoken word, live instruments and synthesizers. He has been producing music for a number of projects now since 2001

Featured on Tom Robinson’s BBC6 radio show and also featured in the line up for Tigerfest 2008
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Track Name: Saturn
Rings a’ rolling round bright blue orb,
Beautiful they are........... Joyous and free,
I hold them next to me,
They tell us how things can be,
Rings of Saturn casting bright blue mist,
Casting cover of ancient eyes,
Bringing thus the word of wise,
Whispering fancies of fiction,
On wing and chance,
We observe, we dance, and we romance,
Take me there to thy dreams of passion and conflagration,
Wondering worlds so fulgent and fond,
Talking talisman so subtle and monde
Track Name: Venus
She sings to me oh Venus, Venus,
Venus so adorned in ball gown-dress
Steer me towards thy beauty and bless
Fantastic Flaming hues of fervor
The ardor of the observer
Embracing warm words of watchfulness
Tis the sunshine of auspiciousness
Speaking in the tongues of temptation
Dancing dance of life and creation
Track Name: The Fountain Of Youth
Standing before all that we observe
Standing with awe and wonderment we deserve
The Awe and wonderment of a child
Basking in glory of our Universe beguiled
Rejoicing we observe and revel with no limit
Staying young as a child but growing in spirit
We stay open and expand
So together we stand
Living from the heart
In passion and art
We eat to our fancy and celebrate it so
We live upon mother earth she gave birth to us and now we grow
And mother earth to whom we will return
And return we will to mystery of all mysteries of which we yearn
The joy and celebration of it all
We give ourselves in every breath to the flow of life, the call
Trusting ourselves to the intelligence of life now
To carry us as the eternal Tao
We live as young children in play and awe
We live a life of curiosity as the Indian squaw
We live the verve of love and powerful life force
With every breath we return to source
We live now as love, as who we are
We live as the unlimited potential of the star
Living as pure presence, we live now here
Now as this joyous moment of the seer
As this moment so thus we are
As this moment of truth
So this is the fountain of youth
Track Name: The Wild Wild Sea
The Wild Wild Sea
Vast she is
calling us "be free"
lapping the sand as a kiss

warm yet wild
mad yet sane
she plays as a child
and leaves sand as she came

rising and falling
whistling and calling
flecks of red green blue

The Wild Wild Sea we've seen